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​Flexi Storage Tank, the Ultimate in Liquid Storage

 We Design, Supply and Install all sizes of Flexi Tanks, from 20m3 to 2000m3.

  • Supply and Install all sizes

  • Full Finance Available

  1. Static Fire Storage Tanks all Fire Brigade approved. A fire engine needs 1000 litres per minute on site.

  2. General Water Storage, Washing and Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting

  3. Drinking Water.

  4. Tanks for dirty water / effluent with up to a 5% solid content

  5. Liquid Fertilizer.



  1. Cheap and Safe Liquid Storage.

  2. Easily Set Up and Installed, can be relocated if necessary.

  3. No concrete base required, only a smooth firm level surface.

  4. Fire Hydrant: A fire is never planned in ANY business. Regardless of the size of the fire the effects are destructive i.e. lack of water available to fire services.

  5. Lack of Water in Workplace: Insufficient mains water close by.

  6. Water Storage on farms: Irrigation/Drought/Piggeries/Poultry/Grain Stores/Machinery Washing.

  7. Rainwater Harvesting reduces cost and dependent of water mains, treated water significantly.


  • Tanks can come complete with Rainwater Harvesting connections or ball cock fill from slow fill low pressure mains.

  • Booster Pump Sets and sprinkler and fire hose reel systems security fencing also supplied and fitted if required.

  • All Tanks Made to Order.

  • Full Finance available if required.

  • Please contact your local Fire Chief for a site visit to ensure the tank is sized correctly.


Other Uses Include:

Sprayer Filling Engineering Work Shops, Manufacturing and Processing, Quarries, Machinery and Motor dealerships Vehicle washing, Commercial buildings, Schools, Public Buildings, Warehousing, Recycling, Housing Estates, Business Parks, Holiday and Caravan Parks, Hotels, And Much more

Flexi Storage Tank

Rota Molded Tank

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